Galileo 1609

Conor Lynagh

These stars are refracting through the glass,

like a window into another world.

Tens, Hundreds,

Thousands, Millions,

of them all, glowing like celestial embers in a huge galactic fire.


I must write this down,

What a tremendous discovery!

This was an incredible idea,

pointing the telescope at heavens!

The scientific community will be astounded!

Such important information this will be for future astronomers.

To be able to view these magnificent spots of light at such magnitude.

They look so fluid.

Milk in the sky.

Magnificent, mirror, minor, Milky way. That’s it!

I’ll call it the Milky way.

This terrific sight will become much clearer as technology progresses.

Those future astronomers,

how lucky they are going to be.

Rudimentary as my star gazing device is,

I am still able to view what few others have seen before.

There have been claims that this body has existed but,

not till I has it been this confirmed.