Gerald Bigelow

Midwinter sunlight filters through barren trees.
Watching as cars pass below,
a family of crows stand on bare branches,
peering down, undisturbed.

Remnants of recent rains cast familiar images as crows gaze into puddles.

Crows are a curious lot:
Wise, pensive, reflective, staying above the fray.

Life in urban treetops creates a complex association, an entanglements of branches and wires...

Not unlike the daily activities of men.
Routines, obligations, and relationships occupy the everyday lives of crows.
Time is merely the synchronized passing of sunrises and sunsets.
Blowing winds bring the seasons.

No one is homeless!

Perhaps on a clear autumn night, when gazing at the stars, we will see both the faces of men and crows painted on the surface of a bright harvest moon.

But for now we will collect our thoughts,
reflecting on who we are,

while crows rest on barren branches as cars pass below.